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Know Us Better

About Inquisitive Cubs:

Inquisitive Cubs (IC) is a digital edutainment platform designed to inspire, encourage and enable kids to independently navigate and immerse themselves in an enriching and fun filled experience.

IC was established with the vision to offer our kids a unique, unparalleled and synthesised blend of knowledge, insights into global events & news, fun filled activities and some essential me time.

The content at IC is curated by our co-founders who bring to the platform, not just diverse experiences, but most notably a value system that compliments raising inquisitive and independent minds.

IC has a deep appreciation of the need for presenting and publishing content in a child friendly and palatable fashion. The platform goes the extra mile and makes every effort to ensure that it does not link to any external websites, so our cubs can use it independently.

IC is suitable for children studying in grades 1 to 6, though feedback we have gathered suggests that it is being equally leveraged by children in senior grades as well.

Our journey so far

One fine evening in the spring of 2020, we, two mothers and friends were metaphorically facing a storm. It was all about securing objective and child friendly screen time when our kids use a host of internet and digital platforms to research for school assignments, to stay informed on current affairs and global events, to seek knowledge, and of course to unwind.

The idea of “Inquisitive Cubs” germinated that evening!

It took grit, resilience, and most importantly the belief in greater good, for us to see this initiative through, while managing every other aspect of our personal and professional lives.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of creating “Inquisitive Cubs” which we live and breathe every day now.

We invite you to join the Inquisitive Cubs family, to allow our cubs the opportunity of fun filled enrichment and of creating fond memories.

Stay Inquisitive!!
Anika & Deepali

We would love to hear from you. You could swoosh us at or buzz us at +91 836-8224883.