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“ I have no particular talent. I am merely inquisitive.”
- Albert Einstein

Inquisitive Cubs (IC) is a digital edutainment platform designed to inspire, encourage and enable kids to independently navigate and immerse themselves in an enriching and fun filled experience.

The platform uses a galaxy of segments to offer fun filled enriching experience to our cubs, with updates at a frequency suitable to each segment, and with a segment appropriate content that compliments holistic development.

We recognise our cubs desire to have their own unique identity on the platform and therefore the platform offers them a choice of avatars on their profile page.

  • News Savannah

    Features global current affairs & sports news, presented in a simple fashion using “the WHAT (the event), the WHY (the context) and the HOW (past and future linkages and impact)” lenses to news reading. The aim is to publish substantive aspects in a holistic manner, and thereby enable our cubs to be informed human beings with the ability to form perspectives.

  • Insightful caves

    Features enriching articles covering a broad spectrum including Science, Environment, Nature and its Habitants, Festivals, Personalities, and more.

    The segments opens up into 3 core purposeful components

    • Insights - hosts articles with detailed research on meaningful subjects
    • Know More – features short reads and fun learning with quizzes
    • Famous & Eminent - features famous personalities and places

  • Roar Out Loud

    The IC way to unwind by engaging in fun filled activities centred around a Jokes & Riddles corner, mind honing & fun Games, and interesting Tongue Twisters.

  • Tumble & Learn

    Complementing the traditional learning styles by offering a range of fun and experimental activities that encourage hands on learning, allowing our cubs to come out stronger by erring and learning therefrom, and take away memorable experiences they can cherish.

  • Money Matters

    Features fun filled and palatable articles explaining our cubs, matters of money, and the importance of being money wise.

  • Snippets

    ‘Fun Filled Snippets’ of information and facts about famous and unique things.


    We at Inquisitive Cubs believe in appreciating our Cubs creations. This segment encourages them to get creative, and share their creations with the IC family. These can be a poem written by them, or an illustration, a painting or drawing they treasure, a story they have weaved, intelligent facts collated by them or a joke to make us all laugh.

  • My Diary

    This is by far the most cherished segment. This is where our cubs come back every night to pen down their moments and thoughts. This is kept confidential between the cubs and their Diary & therefore even the creators of the website are restricted to view the same, as we strongly believe in the privacy for our cubs growing into astute adults.


    Features stimulating articles from experts across a rainbow of subjects that our cubs hear about in their everyday life.