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Currency... What is dollar, rupee, pound? Let’s ROAR Into this video and learn about different types of currencies in the world.


Hey Cubs, you all must already be saving money in your piggy banks. But have you ever wondered why must we save? Roar In to learn why!!


Hello Cubs, don't we all love to buy ourselves nice dresses and the latest toys and games, go out on the weekends to have exotic meals, and most noticeably travel to fancy locations for our holidays.Yes indeed, we all love to do that and much more!! While we all maintain our very own wish list, it is important to be money-wise and learn the importance of human needs and wants.So lets Roar In to start making intelligent choices.


Hey cubs, you might have heard terms such as producer, manufacturer, goods, etc in conversations. We will help you learn some of such basic terms and their meanings through this first of our Cubonomics video series. So lets Roar In and start learning some important economic terms the Cubs way!!